Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to set up an account? I just want to try this out.

A: Setting up an account allows you to get access to the Zoom registration page. This way, you don't have to keep track of the link to join.

Q: How do I join the classes?

A: Once you make a purchase (or use a coupon) a page will appear with a link called Zoom Registration. You MUST click this link to register and receive the Zoom link to join. You will also receive an email from Zoom with this link. The Zoom Registration link will also be saved in your account in Downloads. You can simply log in to your account before class, go to Downloads, register, and join. This way you don't have to keep track of the emails to join.

Q: How does the membership work?

You will pay $9 per month for the membership access. Each dance will be reduced from $20 per dance to $13 per dance. The more you dance the more you save!

You will also have access to recordings of the classes so that you can Clear Your Mind, Fill Your Heart, and Have Fun! anytime. Get a group together and host your own TranscenDance™ party!

You will also receive discounts on future workshops, retreats or merchadise.

Q: As a member, how do I use My Account once I log in?

A: In My Account you will find the following:

  • Orders - This will show you what you have purchased and the status of that order. Clicking on View will give you the details of that order.
  • Downloads - This is where you will find the Zoom Registration links for any class you have purchased, including coupon purchases.

Important!: You will receive a link after you make your purchase. Just purchasing a class does not register you for the class!

You MUST click this Zoom Registration button to get the link to join the class!

You can register as soon as you make your purchase OR you can come back to the Download page before the class starts to register and get the link.

Additional links:

  • Addresses - Update your address here.
  • Payment Methods – This is where you can update your payment methods.
  • Account Details - Updates your email address and your password.
Q: How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

A: Once you log in to your account click on the Subscription Manager tab. Then click Subscriptions. From here you can choose what to do with your account.

If know you will not be able to attend classes for a while, you can pause your account rather then cancel. When you are ready to come back just log in and reactivate your account!

You will not be charged the $9 monthly fee until you rejoin.